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About Regulus Date Ranch


Regulus Date Ranch is a Boutique Date Ranch, totally owned and operated, on a daily basis by a woman! 

Dates are an  incredible  amount of manual labor. We monitor all our palms on a daily basis, checking water, wellness, and happiness.

Deciding from the start to maintain clean, pristine fields, we remove all palm trimmings, hand-rake spines, and clean-up any refuse. Doing this has made our palms totally pest-free with no grass or weeds competing for nutrients or water. Our Medjool dates are hand-thinned, allowing us to produce very large fruit. 

Regulus  Dates  is  home  to  75m/l  Peacocks  who  eat any  insect  unlucky  enough  to  enter  the  property.  Feral c  cats, dumped  by  their  owners,  have  a  huge  on-site  presence,  eliminating  all  gophers,  squirrels,  rabbits,  rats,  or  mice  that  would  normally destroy  Dates.    Working together,  the    cats and Peacocks have  eliminated  all poisonous snakes.  They  wisely leave our good snakes alone.All bags are washed every year with no unsightly residue from previous years.  Dates are harvested by hand by my conscientious workers. We all take pride in the job we do and the end product shows the careful attention to all details throughout the year.  Our dates are grown under strict organic guidelines. 


The result is the finest Medjools you'll ever enjoy.

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